Kahoot Created Account – A Step by Step Guide

Kahoot is a popular online platform, that allows you to design and play quizzes, making learning fun and engaging.

In this article, I’ll provide a steps guide to how Kahoots are constructed. If you know how to create a Kahoot, you’ll be able to create memorable learning experiences or just someone who wants to share knowledge in an interactive manner.

Kahoot Created Account

What is Kahoot Created?

Kahoot Created is a game-base learning platform that allows educators to create and share interactive quizzes, surveys, and games. It was develop in 2013 by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik, and has since become one of the most popular learning platforms in the world.

Kahoot Created is designed to make learning more engaging and interactive by gamifying the learning experience.

How Kahoot Created Works?

Kahoot Created works by allowing educators to create and share interactive quizzes and games with their students. Educators can create their own quizzes or use existing ones from the Kahoot Create library.

Once a quiz is created, students can access it by entering a unique game PIN on the Kahoot Create website or app. The test is conducting in real-time and students answer questions via their devices. the results show on a share screen.

Kahoot Created – A Step-by-Step Guide

Create a Kahoot using this step-by-step guide.

  • Log in” at kahoot.com to create an account.
  • Click on “Create” in the top navigation bar and choose “New Kahoot”.
  • Choose the type of Kahoot activity you want to create, such as a multiple-choice quiz.
  • Enter the quiz name, a description of what the quiz is about, privacy status, language preference, and audience.
  • Add your questions and answer options, and don’t forget to add images if desire.
  • If you want students to see an introductory video while they are waiting for the Kahoot to begin, add a YouTube video link in the “Intro video” box.
  • Once you’re done adding all the questions, click “Save” and then “I’m Done”.
  • You can now edit, play, or share your Kahoot quiz.

Note that there may slight variations in the steps depending on the version of Kahoot being use.

Features of Kahoot Created

Kahoot Created offers a variety of features that make it a valuable learning tool for educators. Some of the key features include:

Customizable Quizzes

Teachers can design and create their own tests that are change to their particular goals and curriculum. They may also utilize existing quizzes that are part of Kahoot’s Kahoot Created library, which contains thousands of quizzes on many different subjects.

Real-Time Results

Students answer questions on their devices, the answers are display in real-time on the shared screen. This allows educators to quickly assess student understanding and adjust their teaching accordingly.

Collaborative Learning

Kahoot Created encourages collaborative learning by allowing students to work in teams or compete against each other. This helps to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience.


Kahoot Created is accessible on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This allows students to use the platform anytime, from any location anytime.

Kahoot Created

Kahoot Created in the Classroom

An increasingly common tool in classrooms all across the world is Kahoot Created. It is an effective technique for involving kids and encouraging active learning, according to educators. You can use Kahoot Created too.

Assess Student Understanding

Kahoot Created quizzes can use to assess student understanding of a particular topic. Educators can quickly see how many students are answering questions correctly and identify areas where students may need more support.

Reinforce Learning

Kahoot Created quizzes can also use to reinforce learning by reviewing previously covered material. Before moving on to new topics, this helps to make sure that pupils have a firm comprehension of the information.

Promote Engagement

Kahoot Created games are designe to fun and engaging, which can help to motivate students to participate in the learning process. For pupils who might have trouble learning in a regular classroom setting, this can extremely helpful.

Facilitate Group Learning

Kahoot Created encourages collaborative learning by allowing students to work in teams or compete against each other. This helps to create a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

Kahoot Created vs. Traditional Learning

Kahoot Created has several advantages over traditional classroom learning. Some of the key benefits include:

Interactive Learning

Kahoot Created is draw to make learning more interactive and engaging. This may enhance student engagement and motivation in the learning process.

Personalized Learning

Kahoot Created allows educators to create custom quizzes that are adjusting to their specific curriculum and learning objectives. This can help to ensure that each student’s learning needs are met.

Immediate Feedback

With Kahoot Created, students receive immediate feedback on their answers, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and make corrections in real time.

Increased Retention

Studies have shown that gamified learning experiences, such as those offered by Kahoot Created, can lead to increased retention of information. This is because the interactive and engaging nature of the platform helps students to better remember what they have learned.


Kahoot Created has revolutionized the way we approach learning. By gamifying the learning experience, it has made education more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable for students worldwide.

With its customizable quizzes, real-time results, and collaborative features, Kahoot Created has become an indispensable tool for educators.

So why wait? Join the millions of educators and students who have embraced Kahoot Created and start creating your own interactive learning games today!


How do I create a Kahoot quiz?

To create a Kahoot quiz, sign up for a Kahoot Created account, and then click on “Create” to start making your quiz. You can add questions, answer choices, and even multimedia elements like images and videos to make it engaging.

Can I use Kahoot Created for any subject?

Kahoot works for any topic. It covers math, physics, history, language, and more. Create curriculum-specific quizzes.

How can I share a Kahoot quiz with my students?

Once you’ve created a Kahoot quiz, you can share it with your students by providing them with the unique game PIN or the direct link to the quiz. They can enter the PIN or click on the link to access and play the quiz.

Can students play Kahoot quizzes on their mobile devices?

Kahoot features iOS and Android apps. The program lets students play quizzes on their phones or tablets.

Is Kahoot Created Suitable for remote learning?

Absolutely! Kahoot is a great tool for remote learning. Educators can host live games or assign self-paced challenges for students to complete at their own convenience.

Can I track student progress and performance on Kahoot Created?

Yes, Kahoot provides detailed reports on student performance. You can view individual and class-level data, including scores, response times, and accuracy, to monitor progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Are there any time limits for answering questions in Kahoot quizzes?

You can set each question’s time restriction in Kahoot quizzes. It can a few seconds or several minutes, depending on your preference.

Can I collaborate with other educators on Kahoot Created?

Yes, Kahoot Created allows educators to collaborate and share their quizzes with others. You can also explore the public library of quizzes created by other educators and use them in your own classes.

Can I add images or videos to my Kahoot quizzes?

Yes, Kahoot supports multimedia elements. You can upload images or embed videos from platforms like YouTube to enhance the learning experience and make your quizzes more engaging.

Is Kahoot Created free to use?

Kahoot Created offers a free basic version with limited features. However, they also provide premium plans with additional functionalities, such as advanced question types, branding customization, and access to a larger library of content.